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Fantasy Tabloid!
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Fantasy Tabloid! is the hot new fantasy game sweeping the World Wide Web!

Fantasy Tabloid! is a way for individuals to compete against each other to see who has the best managerial skills in the world of yellow journalism. Fantasy Tabloid! is traditionally considered the second-most popular of all fantasy games, trailing only Fantasy Football.

The first order of business in creating any fantasy league is collecting members. As "team owners," these individuals draft real-life celebrities to populate their respective teams. The appearances these players generate in their real tabloids are collected, and fantasy points are awarded based on these numbers -- the better a celebrity performs, the more fantasy points he accrues for his owner's team. In Fantasy Tabloid!, these points determine a winner by accumulated score. The team that accumulates the most points over the course of the season is declared the league winner!

Access - Fantasy Tabloid! is a public league. Public leagues are open for anyone to join on a first-come, first-serve basis for any given season.

Draft Type - Fantasy Tabloid! drafts live via a special Fantasy Tabloid! chatroom. Teams will be populated by ten celebrities, all of whom played on a weekly basis.

Stat Type - Fantasy Tabloid! employs a tablometric scoring system. Celebrities are scored based on their tabloid prominance, wherein cover stories account for ten points, side stories account for five points and header stories account for three points. Each celebrity must be pictured, not just named.

Ten Points: Scott Peterson, as main story, scores ten points.
Five Points: Both Kirstie Alley and Jennifer Aniston score five points as sub-stories
Three Points: Pregnant Mom scores three points as the header (or in this case footer) story.
Teams are also awarded ONE POINT for each player named, but not pictured, on a tabloid cover.

The tabloids that are to be scored include: The National Enquirer, Star, Sun, Globe, The National Examiner, Weekly World News, Mira!, US Weekly and In Touch Weekly. Tabloids are scored on a weekly basis, following each tabloids weekly publication.

Season Type - Fantasy Tabloid! seasons last four months. Scores are accumulated in the given time frame, and new teams are drafted for each season.

Waivers - A holding tank for celebrities that are new to a league's player pool. A celeb is placed on waivers for 48 hours when dropped by a team in your league. This gives every team in the league an equal opportunity to claim the player. After 48 hours a player is either awarded to a team that made a claim (priority given to previous week's low scorer) or moves to free agency.

Free Agency - An area for all celebrities who are not on a fantasy team in your league and have cleared waivers. These players can be picked up on a weekly basis. On Thursday (the first day of the tabloid week) through Sunday, free agent priority is given to that week's lowest scorer. Claims must be made by either an email to the commissioners or a post or comment in the community. On Monday through Wednesday at 7pm PST, free agencies are open to every team in the league on a first come, first served basis. Changes to an individual team can be made by a simple post in the community. Rosters are locked for the week on Wednesday at 7pm PST for that week's scoring.

Trades - Teams in the same league are free to trade at will. If a trade is discovered that appears to be collusive or one-sided to the point that it cannot benefit one of the parties involved, league members may protest the trade and send it on to the League Office for review.

ALL CLAIMS must be forwarded to the league manager each Wednesday by 7pm PST to be eligible for the next week's scoring.

Good luck. We'll see you on the checkout aisle!